Citizenship, ethics and environment

“The company is not only interested in the results, but is primarily interested in how those results are achieved.”

Entreprise formatrice UN Global Compact


As a corporate citizen, Kyos strives to promote and defend collective and individual interests in the context of sustainable and fair economic development. Respect for human beings and their environment is defined, in our eyes, by: 

  • Citizenship
  • The quality of working conditions
  • Social and environmental protection
  • Equity
  • Gender equality
  • Respect for personal beliefs and choices while ensuring group cohesion

Kyos encourages participation in social activities, associations, and promotes research and development activities.

As a training company, Kyos participates in the creation of jobs in its economic area and regularly opens supervised internship and apprenticeship positions.

Finally, Kyos strives to offer attractive rates to associations, schools and public administrations.


Kyos presents itself as a socially and ecologically responsible player through its values, its organisation and the personal commitment of its employees. In particular, Kyos contributes to and conducts its activities in accordance with the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact. Kyos has set up an Ethics and Environment Charter addressing the following themes:

  • Honesty: respect of laws and commitments
  • Transparency: with customers and employees
  • Responsibility: for its actions and their consequences, social and environmental, towards customers, their requirements and their choices
  • Sustainable development and environment

Kyos made a communication on progress in these areas.

Environment and Green IT

As part of its sustainable development policy and in its energy-intensive business sector, Kyos applies and recommends the following practices:

  • Regularly make our employees aware of good environmental practices
  • Promote collaborative technologies over transportation for remote meetings
  • Support our employees in the use of public transport, etc.

In application of this policy, Kyos performs the following actions:

  • Use of SIG-Vitale Vert, the most ecological electrical energy, for all the company’s electrical expenses
  • Virtualization of servers and optimization of hardware renewals
  • Installation of new generation ecological bulbs for lighting
  • General power outage outside office hours for all workstations, lights and printers
  • Selective sorting and recycling of waste