Ingrid Bronecker

Thales Double Key Encryption (DKE)

Announcing Thales HSM Backed Double Key Encryption for Microsoft Office 365 – The best of both worlds Today’s remote working environment relies heavily on the collaborative sharing of information, challenging organizations to maintain the security of confidential data and regulatory compliance while driving employee productivity. For organizations in highly regulated industries such as financial services, …

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Exchange zero-day Exploit

Whether you are a Kyos customer or not, considering the criticality of this flaw, we offer you a free primary investigation of your Exchange server, to determine if it is still vulnerable, as well as to identify if any potential attacks have taken place, which we know is very likely. Even though Kyos Exchange Servers have not been affected, 50% of our customers with on-premise Exchange Servers have been impacted, despite the application of the patch that we performed the same day.

0-day Vulnerability

On March 2, Microsoft has released an emergency security update for Microsoft Exchange to remediate six vulnerabilities allowing remote code execution, of which 4 can bypass any authentication control.

Security of data in the cloud

The concept of Cloud has evolved in the last 20 years, and security concerns have grown with it. The first serious effort to provide data hosting in the Cloud comes with Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), and with it the security burden to make sure that correct permissions were configured to avoid private data to become public.

Kyos Security Essentials

Grâce à l’expérience accumulée lors de nombreux Kyos Security Essentials chez nos clients nous avons décidé d’adapter cette offre packagée afin de mieux répondre aux besoins des clients et à l’évolution des risques en cybersécurité et des controles CIS (Center for Internet Security).