Benchmark your defenses with the new Kyos Security Essentials

A new version adapted to the evolution of risks and standards

Thanks to the experience we have gained from numerous Kyos Security Essentials at our customers’ sites, we have decided to adapt this packaged offer to better meet customer needs and the changing risks in cybersecurity and CIS (Center for Internet Security) controls.

The controls in the current version (V7.1) are grouped into 20 categories. The complete IG3 set includes 171 controls, IG2 is a selection of 140 controls, and IG1 includes 43 core controls.

Benchmark your cybersecurity defenses against international standards

Cybersecurity is a very large area that requires the sharing of experience and knowledge of professionals from all around the world. It is critically important to work with internationally recognized standards to benchmark your current security posture.

Kyos Security Essentials (KSE) is a review of your cybersecurity protection based on the CIS Controls™, a framework maintained by international experts coming from a wide range of sectors. A KSE review will help you to:

  • Measure your preparedness
  • Identify gaps and areas of risk
  • Take informed decisions
  • Drive your security transformation


As a result of the KSE review we will deliver a report with recommendations. We will spend time with you to discuss your roadmap for cybersecurity transformation based on your priorities and possible risk reduction strategies.

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