CIS Videoconferencing Security Guide

In October this year, the Center for Internet Security (CIS) has released a Videoconferencing Security Guide. It’s goal is to provide overall security guidance to mitigate attacks and be applicable to a wide variety of videoconferencing systems and their users.

With the Covid-19 pandemic, videoconferencing has become a critical business tool since in-person meetings have been discouraged or simply impossible. Unfortunately, this growth has also made it a target for a series of new attacks such as Meeting Bombing, Malicious Links In a Chat, and Stolen Meeting Links to name a few.



The new CIS videoconferencing guide is organized around the CIS Controls Implementation Group 1 (IG1) security controls for basic cyber hygiene. At Kyos we have proven experience of working with the CIS Controls and we are a CIS member which gives us access to the CIS Benchmarks.

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