Corporate Network

Kyos offers its experience and a range of solutions that guarantee network availability and quality that meet the expectations of businesses (Data, Voice, video, Wifi guest, etc.).

The wired network remains the heart of a computer architecture. A professional installation is therefore recommended to avoid any disturbances due to cuts and slowdowns. Kyos’ expertise enables you to implement sustainable solutions by anticipating increasingly demanding demands in network resources.

Active in the creation of transport networks for wireless infrastructures as well as in the support of many of our customers for the installation of complex wireline networks; our services cover the 3 successive phases that are the design, deployment and support of wireline installations. Our clientele is composed of companies of all sizes:

  • SMEs (offices, hotels, etc.)
  • Difficult environments (factories, outdoors, etc.)
  • Large companies (convention centres, shopping centres)
  • International Organizations
  • Datacenter

Our team accompanies you in the design and installation of adapted solutions:

  • L2 / L3 networks
  • VLAN
  • High availability
  • Loop protection
  • VoIP / ToIP
  • Video
  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Dynamic routing
  • VPN

In environments not suitable for cabling work, we also offer solutions based on the reuse of existing cables (electrical cable, telephone pair, etc.).