Audit, Penetration Testing & Risk Optimisation

For more than 15 years, Kyos has been supporting organisations in the prevention and measurement of risk through :

  • A transparent approach,
  • A clear overall methodology,
  • Reproducible risk assessment,
  • Adapted deliverables.

Kyos brings you its expertise in audits and intrusion tests, and supports you in optimising the security of your organisation.

Your intrusion test project

Kyos offers you services for :

  • Intrusion tests of web applications according to the OWASP methodology,
  • RESTful API testing,
  • Intrusion testing of external infrastructure,
  • Internal intrusion tests, adapted to your specific needs,
  • Special “red team” tests with definition of attack scenarios,
  • Personalised phishing tests.

Your audit project

  • Audit of best security practices according to the “CIS Controls®” methodology.

Kyos also offers

  • Architecture audits,
  • Code audits,
  • Testing of mobile applications.

For audits, Kyos offers to define your project together in order to meet this double imperative:

  • Measurement of the technical risk, linked to the technologies you have chosen and their implementation;
  • Measurement of the human risk, with regard to the respect of good practices by the users as well as the respect of emergency procedures.

With the support of a team of passionate consultants, Kyos will support you in your approach by offering you :

  • Studies adapted to the challenges of your organisation,
  • Deliverables that meet the standards set up within your company and written for the various parties involved: management, IT manager, technical teams,
  • Clear and concrete recommendations to enable you to define an effective action plan,
  • Support in defining your action plan.

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