Risk Optimization

Risk prevention and measurement is an essential decision-making tool for controlling your IT infrastructures, both in terms of efficiency and cost. For more than 10 years, Kyos has supported companies through :

  • A transparent approach,
  • A clear overall methodology,
  • Accurate risk assessment,
  • Adapted and tailor-made deliverables.

Kyos brings you its expertise in risk management and accompanies you in optimizing the security of your organization.

  • Technical risk measurement, linked to the technologies you have chosen and their implementation;
  • Human risk measurement, with respect to the respect of good practices by users as well as the respect of emergency procedures.

Your audit project

The choice of an audit service must reconcile a relevant analysis with services adapted to your budget. Kyos proposes you to define together your audit project in order to answer this double imperative.

Relying on a team of passionate consultants, Kyos accompanies you in your approach by proposing you :

  • A precise definition of the risks associated with your activity and the stakeholders,
  • Measures (blackbox, greybox or whitebox) and studies adapted to the challenges of your organization,
  • Deliverables meeting the standards set up within your company (ISO, CVSS, etc.) and written for the various stakeholders: management, IT manager, technical teams.
  • Clear and concrete recommendations to help you define an effective action plan,
  • Assistance in defining your action plan.


Kyos proposes to use the HERMES methodology, voluntarily adapted and optimized for audit projects, in the framework of project management. Separated into several distinct phases, this methodology allows us to keep control of the audit and give you the best possible visibility on the different activities conducted.

Our tool: Auditbay
Based on its experience in project management and audits, Kyos has developed a framework called AuditBay allowing to :

  • Offer different test modules adapted to the needs of the audit and based on recognized security standards,
  • Combine human creativity with the use of technical reference tools,
  • Use a “learner” and “Agile” testing process supported by a project management methodology framework (HERMES),
  • To have a common and centralized knowledge base, fed by our research and monitoring work.