How to securely use the Swiss cloud offer of Azure and Office 365?

With the availability of Microsoft Office 365 hosting in Switzerland, Microsoft has accelerated the use of Azure by Swiss organizations and companies. Indeed, by guaranteeing a local hosting of data, the obstacles linked to the respect of certain regulations or standards are reduced. In addition to Office 365, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive Enterprise and Teams are also available in Switzerland. In this way, Microsoft wants to provide as many elements as possible to give its customers the confidence they need.

The choice to trust or not to trust Microsoft to guarantee the security of your data is a strategic decision to be made by estimating all the risks and in particular those related to legal aspects.

Technically, this is not technically a “cornelian” dilemma. Indeed, it is possible to benefit from the functionalities provided by Microsoft’s cloud services while keeping a certain control over your data or security mechanisms:

  • Configure Azure Information Protection so that your confidential documents are systematically encrypted,
  • Using Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) and an HSM to store your encryption keys on-delivery,
  • Control and secure your access with Azure AD and advanced security features: strong authentication, conditional access, identity protection, Single Sign On, etc.
  • Anonymization / Tokenization of the data contained in your databases and cloud applications,
  • Identity federations keeping your authentication server on-premise,
  • etc.

Our consultants are regularly mandated to accompany our customers in the adapted use of Microsoft cloud tools, contact us for more information.