Kyos becomes CIS SecureSuite Member

Kyos is now member of the Center for Internet Security (CIS) SecureSuite, becoming the only swiss-based IT security service company to be member.

This membership allows us access to multiple cybersecurity resources in order to benchmark our client cybersecurity defenses against CIS controls in particular through our following services :

Kyos Security Insights, which contains add-ons to our managed services for SMB in order to review of our clients IT security in order to identify the improvements to be made to their IT systems based on current best practices.

Kyos Security Essential, which is a benchmark of our client cybersecurity defenses against proven international standards. Kyos Security Essential offers 3 level of packages adapted the company profile that can help organisations to :

  • Measure their preparedness
  • Identify gaps and areas of risk
  • Take informed decisions
  • Drive their security transformation

The CIS-CAT Pro configuration assessment tool, the build Kits and full-format CIS Benchmarks will all be used to get a more efficient, updated and proven controls to perform those services.

Compared to other standards like ISO 27001, or the swiss ICT minimum standard for protection against cyber risks, the CIS Controls are a more pragmatic approach, coming from the practice and incidents that the security industry sees. Furthermore, the controls are updated on yearly basis. All approaches are valuable, but serve different purposes and require a different amount of effort.

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