SMB Solutions

Business activities are increasingly dependent on IT efficiency. Kyos engineers have selected and tested equipment and software for you in order to offer SMEs an efficient, reliable and homogeneous infrastructure. From design to maintenance, Kyos positions itself as a single point of contact for all the components of your IT tool while allowing you to benefit from its embedded security approach:

And by combining these to meet your needs:

  • Proactive maintenance of all servers and workstations (update management, control of remaining disk space, alert escalation, etc.)
  • To be serene about the professional use of Internet (Protection of your network and your data, implementation of a policy of use of your accesses, sensitization of the collaborators, etc)
  • Mobility (mobile equipment management, remote connection, intelligent call forwarding, disk encryption, etc.)
  • Tele-working (semi-permanent secure connection, Wifi terminal and remote telephone, and other functions bringing the remote employee closer)
  • High availability (server equipment redundancy, storage, security and network)
  • 24/7 Continuity service for companies who want uninterrupted support
  • etc.