New Kyos Security Insights

Take an effective approach to your company’s security

Kyos Security Insights is an essential complement to Kyos Assist or Kyos Serenity that provides you with high value-added security services. Thanks to these shared services, you control over time the level of security of your IT systems and the awareness of your users.

Raise awareness among your employees

By explaining to your employees the current attacks and how to deal with them, you involve them and make them responsible for protecting data and your IT systems.

Measure your compliance

Based on recognized methodologies, our team assesses your level of compliance with good practices and the maturity of your security mechanisms.

Identify vulnerabilities

Automated scans identify vulnerabilities visible from the Internet and fix them before they are exploited by a hacker.

Decide on the actions to be taken

Through our analysis and advice, you can apply measures to continuously improve the level of security in response to new threats.

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