Security of web services and applications – new challenges and how to address them?

Kyos organized together with F5 in September 2018 a “Learn & Sail” and a Technical Workshop with topic “Security of web services and applications – new challenges and how to meet them?”

Topics covered

  • What are the challenges for the new microservice architectures, the different cloud platforms: CAAS, PAAS, FAAS and SAAS.
  • DevOp trend – automation and orchestration: How to integrate application security into the process?
  • Bring the security as close as possible to the web application itself: dynamic access control and policies? What are the issues related to DNS (i.e. NSX) or microsegmentation?
  • Use cases and best practices to secure web applications.

F5 Big-IP Application Delivery is both a load-balancer and a full proxy, which gives you the ability to control the traffic that passes through your network and thus offers many features.

Today, the security challenges of your web services and applications may seem complex to address and depend strongly on the architecture implemented.worry

F5 application protection across the app stack

Learn & Sail: Challenges, best practices, case studies and testimonials.

  • Date: September 12th from 4pm to 7pm
  • Location: on the sailboat Le Neptune in Geneva, boarding at the Jardin Anglais.
  • Target audience: Security, network, web architects or access management managers.
  • Dinner cocktail during the cruise

After Work: Technical workshop with hacking demonstration and protection

  • Date: September 25th from 5pm to 7.30pm
  • Location: Kyos – 32 Chemin Frank-Thomas – 1202 Geneva
  • Target audience: Security administrators, systems and networks, developers or technical managers
  • Dinner cocktail at Kyos’ office

Download the PowerPoint KYOS – F5_After Work Hacking