Symposium – Thursday 7 June 2018 – Mobility in the digital age

This symposium is organized in partnership with SoftwareONE on the theme « Mobility in the Digital Age », aims to provide you with information focused on your current and future issues. This event will also allow you to meet and interact with your peers over lunch, dinner and joint activities. We prepared discussions, user reports, as well as exchange sessions with speakers from renowned companies.

Thursday 7 June 2018

Kyos invites you to a Symposium in Geneva around the theme :

Mobility in the digital age

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Nomadic work models provide great flexibility, improved productivity, employee loyalty and other business benefits. How can digital transformation support these trends while securing data and remaining compliant with new regulations?

Inspired by a speech by Victor Kristof, EPFL Researcher in Artificial Intelligence, we will address the theme of mobility and its impact on data management and security.

Topics addressed :

  • Future Workplace: how to migrate to Windows 10 and Microsoft 365?
  • Future Datacenter: how to make the mobile infrastructure available from anywhere and with the simplest connection methods?
  • Mobile Workplace: how modern teleconferencing solutions enable mobile cooperation?
  • PyraCloud: how to optimize the use of the Cloud?
  • Security and SAM: how to manage your data and assets?

Workshop led by Kyos : Mobility & Security

Vision versus reality. Our overall vision of current threats and our future. What needs to be taken into consideration about mobility in the field of safety.

  • Information Centric Security, Software Defined Protection: Bringing security as close as possible to data to better converge towards Cloud models (IaaS, PaaS, …)
  • Tokenization: Protect data across all layers of the information system while minimizing the impact on existing applications.
  • Transparent Encryption: Protect content while allowing system administrators to manage files.
  • Microsoft Azure Information Protection & BYOK : Managing your encryption keys « on premise », what are the advantages?