Very present within Information Systems, cryptography often remains a poorly understood element. Its use is for multiple purposes:

  • Encryption
  • Signature
  • Non-repudiation

Each of these uses has its own constraints which, if poorly implemented, may present more disadvantages than advantages.

Cryptography is omnipresent at all levels of the terminal, right down to the data. Whether for session, data, file, hard disk or message encryption, signature, email, documents, transactions, non-repudiation or hashing purposes, it is now impossible to avoid encryption problems. The implementation of cryptographic mechanisms raises many questions, good implementation of cryptographic methods, encryption key security, data lifecycle management, backup encryption, data recovery, etc.

Some uses are obvious, but the use of cryptographic methods is often automated by the operating system or by applications. It is therefore not uncommon for its use to go unnoticed. This is why it is important to be supported by experts who will be able to identify the elements using cryptography and assess to what extent good practices are being followed.

To protect your most vulnerable keys, Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) provide a rugged environment. Once reserved for large organizations because of their costs, the evolution of technology and the market now allows access to most companies.

Le chiffrement au sein du Système d'Information

Encryption within the Information System

Designed to serve as a strongbox for the storage of encryption keys and certificates, these solutions guarantee the protection of the most sensitive link of cryptographic solutions. Indeed, whatever solutions are put in place to guarantee the confidentiality of your information system, key and certificate management is often the most neglected element.

A HSM solution offers:

  • A wide range of encryption algorithms
  • Interfacing with a large number of existing solutions through APIs or natively
  • Integration without redesigning the architecture

As the main Swiss partner of Thales e-Security, the world leader in HSM, Kyos offers you its support to make the most of the use of cryptographic systems, whatever the challenges you face.