Audit and Pentests: Strengthen your Company's Resilience against Digital Threats

At KYOS, we recognize the paramount importance of ensuring the security and resilience of your information systems in the face of growing threats from hackers. Our specialized pentest and audit team is committed to assessing the robustness of your infrastructure, identifying potential vulnerabilities, and providing you with concrete recommendations for strengthening your security posture.

Custom services to meet your needs:

Identify vulnerabilities that could be exploited by a malicious person, from the Internet, within a precise perimeter.

Identify vulnerabilities on your LAN that can be used to obtain confidential information and administrative privileges on your domain.

Detect security vulnerabilities in web applications and APIs.

Evaluate the security of mobile applications and associated APIs.

Identify vulnerabilities that can be exploited against the Wi-Fi infrastructure to gain access to the internal network.

Assess the susceptibility of employees to phishing attacks through a personalized campaign.

Evaluate the company’s overall security using all possible attack vectors (physical, human and IT).

Analyze source code to detect and patch vulnerabilities, and to identify inadequate security practices.

To ensure implementation of good security practices, resilience to attacks, and protection of sensitive data.

Three levels of knowledge

Our penetration tests are performed at three levels of knowledge/access, enabling us to reproduce internal or external threats:

Backed by a team of passionate consultants, KYOS has been supporting organizations for over 20 years through:

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In this area we offer the following solutions together with our partners

Kyos Security Essentials

Kyos Security Insights

Rapid7 Insight Platform


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