Get ready, Wi-Fi 6E is coming

Camil Kouchad

Camil Kouchad

Network and Security Expert

What's going on?

Europe has just authorized the exploitation without license of the 6 GHz frequency band (in the 5925-6425 Mhz range) in order to make the arrival of the Wi-Fi 6E standard possible very soon. Some manufacturers like Aruba have already announced the first Wi-Fi terminals compatible with their 630 series.

Switzerland should follow this path soon and decide in favor of using this same frequency range.

Wifi 6 vs Wifi 6E : Flashback !

This new evolution of the 802.11ax standard includes all the improvements that came with Wi-Fi 6:


«E» for Extended !

This means that a new 1200 MHz spectrum is available in the 6 GHz band, thanks to this larger frequency range, Wi-Fi 6E can deliver even higher data rates than Wi-Fi 6 (up to 2.4 Gbits/sec).

However, there are some potential drawbacks to using the 6 GHz spectrum:

What are the fields of application?

High density environments wanting to provide new services:

Compatible equipment:

As of January 2021, the Wi-Fi Alliance has launched its Wi-Fi 6E certification program and maintains a list of compatible products. This means that the standard is therefore ready for widespread distribution in the market.

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