Access your internal resources seamlessly, or when security improves agility

The way we work has changed dramatically over the last two years, bringing new challenges to secure access to internal resources without impacting the user experience.

Unfortunately, the solutions available until now were cumbersome and required concessions to security best practices.

To address this issue, Fortinet offers a simple and agile solution: Zero Trust Network Access.

This solution provides a technological breakthrough in several areas:

  • Agility: Transparent access to internal resources without having to set up a VPN, with the possibility of applying a different profile inside and outside the company.

  • User and workstation control: With advanced host checking (antivirus, domain, certificate, etc.) and seamless control of the user’s identity (with or without MFA).
  • Centralized management: A simple and easy-to-read dashboard to monitor remote access usages and ensure VPN client updates

Since the ZTNA agent has been integrated to the FortiClient VPN client, hybrid operation with the legacy VPN-SSL remains possible, simplifying the implementation of this new type of access.

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