KYOS about the Kaspersky situation

As a Kaspersky Gold partner, we feel that it is time to communicate about the recent situation regarding Kaspersky Antivirus.

As you may know, Kaspersky is registered in UK and all the data get stored and processed in Switzerland.

So, what relation remains between Kaspersky and Russia?

The obvious answer is that Kaspersky is a private company founded in Russia, and it still owns development resources in Russia and continues to do business with Russian companies.

Kyos has a strong and successful partnership with Kaspersky for several years, and it is clearly one of the best Endpoint protection solutions and continues to prove its efficiency every day.

Furthermore, over the last few years, Kaspersky hugely invested in providing proofs of neutrality by:
1.  Storing and processing data in Switzerland.
2. Encouraging clients, government bodies & concerned organizations to review its source code, update code and threat detection rules through its Global Transparency Initiative.
With regard to the current situation in Ukraine, many countries expressed concerns over Kaspersky products, arguing that their solution could be used as a malicious toolkit by the Russian government.

As of today, Kaspersky has expressed a high transparency policy and there is no evidence suggesting that Kaspersky might be maliciously exploited.

Thus, Kyos is not actively advising to replace Kaspersky with another solution for Endpoint Protection.

Nevertheless, we must consider for alternatives in case the situation may change.

We wish to discuss with you about your current situation and answer all other questions or concerns you may have. We will be contacting you individually.

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