KYOS & REGDATA Unveil Strategic Alliance

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Geneva, 11th of September 2023 – Today, REGDATA, with its innovative in RPS Data Protection & Governance platform, and KYOS, a leading provider of cybersecurity services and solutions, have proudly announced a strategic partnership that aims to transform the landscape of data security in multi-cloud environments.

KYOS & REGDATA Unveil Strategic Alliance: Real Breakthrough in Multi-Cloud Business Applications Security

Over two decades, KYOS has built expertise in encryption and key management, a legacy enhanced by their premium partnership with Thales. Merging KYOS’s cutting-edge cyber and infrastructure managed services with REGDATA’s distinctive data protection & governance platform, the alliance is uniquely positioned to offer a holistic solution that answers the evolving demands of data protection compliance.

Nicolas Prince, Founder and CEO of REGDATA, remarked, “In combining the strengths of KYOS and REGDATA, we can provide businesses with an integrated data protection, cybersecurity and infrastructure managed service offering with heightened agility, efficiency, and assurance. This collaboration will enable clients to securely leverage the latest in innovation and technological developments in full compliance with regulations on data privacy.”

Fabien Jacquier, founder of KYOS, shared similar feelings: “We are very excited to invest our forces in REGDATA, as we have already done successful projects together. Not only we believe that this will embrace our vision of data centric security, but it will help leverage our business applications security solutions.”

Highlights of the Partnership Include:

Multi-Cloud Data Security: Elevate your data defense with advanced customized transparent data encryption and tokenization seamlessly integrated to your application landscape in your multi cloud environment.
Security by design and default: This upstream integration allows smooth management in integration and application upgrades.
Unified Key Management: Proven standard integration pattern Thales’s key management and HSM platforms with REGDATA’s data management tools, offering a one-stop solution for businesses.
Scalable business application security: State-of-the-art underlying infrastructure that could auto-scale thanks to orchestration and containerization.
Effortless Data Protection Compliance: Auditable, automatic, and real-time security and compliance reporting aimed at DPO, CISO, internal or external auditors and regulators.

This strategic partnership will launch in October 2023, with a series of workshops, webinars, and product demonstrations planned for our existing and future clients.

We are also thrilled to announce ambitious initiatives related to Trusted Cloud and Sovereign Cloud, which will be disclosed during January 2024.

For more details on the partnership, product offerings, and upcoming events, please visit or contact us directly.

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