Cyber-Safe certified

Have you ever heard of the Cyber-Safe label?

The Cyber-Safe label is a guarantee of cybersecurity quality for Swiss SMEs. As an IT service provider and as part of our ongoing quality approach, we at KYOS have decided to apply for the Cyber-Safe label. This is intended to reinforce and confirm our expertise in cybersecurity. We also see this step as a continuation and extension of the ISO 27001 certification obtained at the end of 2021.

Through this process, we have the opportunity to establish an assessment of our security maturity. The latter allows us to identify our needs for improvement and to define an order of priority according to the level of security of a domain, but also the level of security identified as the target to be reached. This target level is determined according to the domain of the company in question, its size, and its revenues.

Following this assessment, an audit takes place to validate that the defined requirements are well respected. This audit is intended to be very useful for us, as it is often the case that what is defined as a control is not systematically the reality that we find in the field.

Once the auditor has validated that the requirements have been met, he or she submits the file to a commission, which validates the passage and allows the certification to be obtained.

At KYOS, we have found the experience to be comprehensive and useful for any SME established in Switzerland wishing to demonstrate a certain level of cybersecurity requirements. We are pleased to share this new certification with you today.

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