Rebranding at KYOS

A new identity for even more expertise

With the aim of constantly listening to our employees and our stakeholders in a more global sense, we at KYOS concluded that it was time to take advantage of the redesign of our website to update our visual identity. This was an opportunity to implement a major rebranding of the brand. We are delighted to share the result with you. We now present to you the brand new KYOS.

More than just letters, a strong symbolism

As a first step in the rebranding process, we focused on redesigning the logo. The chevron on which the logo is based, found in the letters K and Y, is not just a stylistic element but a symbol full of meaning. Therefore, the K is an integral part of this aesthetic and anchors the chevron. The chevron is also similar to an eye. The eye symbolizing surveillance and control, which are absolutely essential concepts in IT security, our core business. This also reinforces the very genesis of the name “KYOS”, which was initially the acronym for “Keep an eYe On Security”. The chevron was already there, just waiting to be revealed!

The chevron has several meanings depending on which way it is pointing.


If there were two words to define this logo embodied by this chevron, they would be openness and focus. These words reflect the KYOS corporate culture and are consistent with the commitment and expertise we offer on a daily basis.

An accurate choice of colours

It is true that the choice of colours for the new website is a strong bias. This is precisely what the black background brings, it establishes a strong identity. This identity is relatively simple and elegant. The black colour is used to highlight a premium offer and a strong link with cybersecurity. The bonus is that it also fits into an environmental context where black/dark website pages are known to reduce the power consumption of screens.
This blue with a slight violet hint is perfectly characteristic of the world of technology, this colour is bright, flashy, and full of character. It is a colour that is making a name for itself in its field, just as KYOS has done in its market so far. Blue is a symbol of the future, and this symbolism is intertwined with that of the chevron seen earlier.
Finally, the combination of the two colours creates a pleasant contrast, plunging us into a mysterious and reassuring universe.


Better safe than sorry

This identity is also symbolised by the appearance of this curious new tagline, “Better safe than sorry”. Indeed, taken at face value, we would say that even if there is no such thing as zero risk, we are warning everyone to protect themselves (with our help) rather than regret not having done so, hence the expression – better safe than sorry. If you take this sentence at face value, you will see that we are confronting this presumptuous tagline with one of our strong values – simplicity.  We still advise you to take it at face value. It is also the assurance of a challenge that pushes us to extend our expertise day after day. Expertise and know-how are still of paramount importance at KYOS and are firmly anchored in the company’s culture. Let us look ahead and in the future, let’s be “Better safe than sorry” together.

A strong but accessible identity

We can see that KYOS has chosen to use two main types of visuals to make its content accessible to as many people as possible. Some of the visuals will be of the first degree and will reinforce the business expertise by illustrating a field or business that does not necessarily speak to everyone. 
There will also be more conceptual, more abstract visuals, to reinforce this new brand which gives more thought and space to aesthetics. The aesthetic is reinforced by these new sans serif typefaces which give a sense of dynamism brought by modern curves. By putting all these things in place through its rebranding, Kyos is adopting a simple and accessible image, two words that sum it all up perfectly: simple and effective.


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