We successfully renewed our Crest Membership

Kyos team is proud to announce that we successfully renewed our Crest Membership. This accreditation allows our clients to get CREST Certified penetration testings directly from Kyos. This standard ensures clients that they can get high-quality services from Kyos and entrusted professional ethical hackers. ‘CREST is pleased to welcome Kyos as an accredited member company’,

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Exchange zero-day Exploit

Whether you are a Kyos customer or not, considering the criticality of this flaw, we offer you a free primary investigation of your Exchange server, to determine if it is still vulnerable, as well as to identify if any potential attacks have taken place, which we know is very likely. Even though Kyos Exchange Servers have not been affected, 50% of our customers with on-premise Exchange Servers have been impacted, despite the application of the patch that we performed the same day.

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Illustration de double key encryption

What is Double Key Encryption (DKE)?

1. Introduction What is DKE? DKE – or Double Key Encryption– is a new option offered by Microsoft Information Protection (MIP), a cloud-based data classification and protection software. Given that many customers are worried to start their journey to the cloud because of data protection concerns, Microsoft implemented a new option to protect unstructured data

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